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1. Chicken Satay


Grilled marinated chicken on wooden skewers served with cucumber sauce and peanut sauce.

3. Thai Dumpling


Steamed wontons stuff with crab meat, ground pork, chicken, shrimp and water chestnut served with house sauce.

5. Thai Wings


Deep fried marinated chicken wings served with hot and spicy sauce.

7. Mermaid


Deliciously marinated shrimp wrapped in crispy rice paper and served with special house sauce.

9. Steamed Mussels


Steamed fresh mussels with lemongrass, basil leaves, shallots, white wine, served with Thai spicy sauce.

2. Crispy Spring Roll


Crispy rolls stuffed with cabbage, carrots, celery and bean thread noodle served with plum sauce.

4. Summer Roll


Rice paper wrapped with carrots, lettuce, basil and vermicelli noodle served with peanut sauce.

6. Tofu Tod


Deep fried tofu with special house sauce and ground peanut.

8. Crispy Calamari


Golden fried, battered calamari served with Thai spicy sauce.

10. Edamame


Steamed soy beans

Spicy dish can be ordered mild, medium or hot.
Please let us know if you have any food allergies when placing your order.
Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.
All Substitutions are subject to an additional charge.
An 18% gratuity will be added to parties of 6 or more.